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The project “Cross-cultural Bridges” is realized by the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria “4th April ” with the finacial support of the “Youth in action” programme.

The project is multicultural exchange, which is going to take place in Hotel Horizont at Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria during 2st and 20th Septemver 2008.

The project “Cross-cultural bridges” is directed toward development of cross-cultural knowledge of the young people from Bulgaria, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland. Its main purpose is to make the young people more informed about the cultural features and traditions which have been accepted in their modern life like citizens of the european countries, to develop particular skills for intercultural communication and to learn methods for consulting, which they will apply to their peers from different ethnic groups and cultures.

The Intentional youth exchange – it will contain exchange of ideas and knowledge between young people from Bulgaria, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland. It will take place in Bulgaria, in the city of Varna. Its main theme is going to be “Communication without borders”. During ten days in our country the participants will present their traditional and cultural special features of the modern life of the young people, a program for informal workshops, outdoor games, based on the non-verbal cross-cultural working methods. Selected participants from the exchange will form volunteer consulting teams to be trained during the exchange to participate in the following activity. During the project we will be able to make a cross-cultural e-book (a website) in witch we are going to input the variety of cultural special features of the countries, participated in our project. There are going to be more than twenty multimedia presentations in schools and universities in the participated countries - Bulgaria, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland. There the formed volunteer team will have the opportunity to consult over two hundred young people from the named countries. This website will give the possibility of more then one thousand to get better knowledge of other countries and cultures.

Petar Petrov

Leader of the project